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Wellington retaining wall, rock anchor, slip clearing and digging experts.

Rock Anchors

A rock anchor is a steel bar or strand that is installed into a drilled hole in the ground or into rock and then grouted.

Retaining Walls

GEODRILL will build concrete and timber retaining walls to your engineer’s and landscaper’s specifications. Size doesn’t matter.


Have you thought about making that space under your house into a rumpus room, or storage area? GEODRILL will make it happen for you.

Retaining wall, landslip and excavation problems solved

The team at GEODRILL are not only about new construction, we are problem solvers. If your section or your landscaping is slipping away, we can help you out.

  • If your section has had a slip, we will remove the slip and retain the slip area to prevent or reduce further problems.
  • If your section has had a rock fall, GEODRILL will remove the rock fall for you.
  • If your retaining wall is on a lean, or has already collapsed, GEODRILL will rebuild this for you ensuring the same problem won’t happen again.
  • If you have noticed earth movement on your property or if the lawns on your bank are cracking, this could mean there is some ground movement or a slip is forming. GEODRILL will work with an engineer to fix the problem, minimising the risk of it happening again.

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